Depositing to USA poker sites is the easiest and most hassle free way of getting money into your poker account. Unfortunately in the last few weeks some of the USA poker sites that have always had good success rates in getting credit cards approved have been having trouble. These sites include the poker sites that operate on the Merge Poker Network that include PokerHost, Carbon Poker, PDC Poker and Aced Poker. All of the sudden credit cards are not working as well as they have in the past. We have contacted customer service at some of the sites and state they hope to have their success rates back to normal in the coming days.

If you still want to deposit with your credit card check out Lock Poker or Colt Poker. We have still had very good success depositing at Lock with credit card in the last few days. Lock Poker offers an industry leading sign up bonus of a 200% match up to $4000, by far the largest offered by any site. Thee bonus is also very easy to earn. Earn $1 of your for just every $2.38 paid in fees.

Colt Poker offers a 200% match bonus up to $2000 and is also an easy bonus to clear. At Colt your earn $1 of your bonus for every $2.38 paid in fee’s just like at Lock. Credit cards are still working at Colt Poker but they do not seem to acceptance rates as high as Lock Poker.

Both poker sites run on the new Revolution Poker Network and has good site traffic. Whether you’re looking for tournaments or table games you will be able to find game or tournament you are looking for even at off peak hours. Check out our or for more details and have a great chance at getting your Visa or MasterCard approved.

Hopefully very soon the remaining poker sites will once again start getting USA credit cards approved. We try everyday with our cards and when they seem to have acceptance rates back up will be sure to update that information here. You can also deposit with Western Union at many sites. It is a little more of a hassle and more expensive but worth it if you want to play online poker. When you deposit with Western Union be sure to contact the poker site and ask them to reimburse you the fees. Many times they will or at least split the fees with you. If you are depositing with Western Union we highly recommend PokerHost. PokerHost has always been one of our to play at. See our or a full listing of . After sending the cash the money is generally in your account within 15 minutes.

If you are playing cash ring games, undoubtedly you are going to receive a bad beat from time to time. Well at the poker sites that operate on the Merge Poker Network a bad beat could turn into a huge payday. The bad beat jackpot on the Merge Network is now over $330,000. Take a bad beat and score some serious cash!

The bad beat jackpot on the Merge Network is the largest available to USA residents. Lose the hand holding quad 7′s or better and you receive 35% of the jackpot. At these levels that equals over $115,000 for losing, not bad. Win the hand and receive 17.5% of the jackpot and even just be sitting at the table where the jackpot is hit and share 17.5% with the remaining players at the table.

The USA friendly poker sites that operate on the Merge Network include PokerHost, Carbon Poker and Aced Poker which all are so if you are using a Mac you can download the software. Our top recommended USA poker site is PokerHost. They participate in this bad beat jackpot and have many other great reasons to play there. PokerHost offers a nice 150% match bonus, has great site traffic and USA credit cards work great here. They also offer some of the best customer service we have ever experienced. If you ever have a problem or a question you can simply call them, an option not many poker sites offer. See our for more details on our #1 USA online poker site.

We also highly recommend Aced Poker and Carbon Poker. For more information on these sites you can check out the or the . Both site accept Visa deposits and do a fairly good job getting them approved.

So take a shot at winning over $115,000 on a bad beat jackpot table. You will never be so happy to take a bad beat!


PokerStars have decided to clean up their virtual lobby by introducing a single option for game speed based on game type and stake, eliminating the choice of ‘regular’ and ‘fast’ tables. The aim is to simplify the decisions players must make before joining a table and to encourage new visitors onto the site. The changes are expected to be introduced to the website soon.

The speeds of the virtual poker tables dictate how much time a player has to make a decision as to whether they wish to fold or play their hand. If a player goes over the table speed then the extra time will be deducted from their ‘time bank’. Once all the available time in a player’s bank has been used up, the players hand will automatically be folded.

Currently PokerStars offers players two separate speeds in most stakes and game types. No Limit and Pot Limit games gives participants the choice of joining a fast table%


Make a deposit at Carbon Poker using bonuscode RELOAD75 and receive a 75% reload bonus on your deposit up to $300. Normal Carbon Poker bonus terms and conditions apply.

If you do not yet have an account with Carbon Poker you can receive a 100% match sign up bonus on your first deposit up to $600. Carbon Poker is a premier USA friendly poker site operating on the Merge Poker Network. Carbon and the Merge Network have the best site traffic for USA players. Find ring games at any level during any time. They also hold the largest multi-table tournaments available.

The software is also a great benefit to playing at Carbon. The software is fast, clean and offers some great features. At Carbon you can Rabbit Hunt, Show 1 Card and Deal it Twice. Carbon Poker is also part of the largest Bad Beat Jackpot available to USA poker players. At the time of this post the jackpot is over $262,000. Get beating holding quad 8′s or better and receive 35% of the jackpot! Win the hand and receive 17.5% and just be sitting at the table and you get to share 17.5% with the other players at the table. Carbon Poker could also be the .

Carbon Poker also does a great job getting USA credit cards approved, especially Visa. It has become a challenge sometimes to get a credit card deposit approved from the USA but Carbon does a great job. It is very rare our Visa deposit does not get approved. See our for more details or see all the we offer for the .

Check back here often for the latest bonuscode and other related online poker news. We do our best to keep USA poker players up to date on recent happenings in the Online Poker world.


With the recent rapid growth of the Revolution Poker Network they have now raised their weekly guaranteed tournaments. The largest tournament available is the $110,000 guaranteed which is held Sundays at 4:00 PM. The buy in is $100+9 and many times has a lay over meaning their is more in the prize pool than paid in.

The also hold an $80,000 on Sundays at 5 PM which has a $500+30 buy in. This tournament is a super stack where you start with 5,000 in chips.

The USA poker sites that operate on the Revolution Poker Network that we recommend include Colt and Lock Poker. Lock Poker offers the largest bonus in the industry giving away a huge 200% match bonus up to $4,000. Colt Poker also offers a 200% match but is capped at $2000. See the or the for more details and to claim your bonus.


PokerHost is our Best USA poker site for several reasons. Not only receive a huge 150% match first deposit bonus up to $750, but they also have the best software available and possible the best credit card acceptance rates in the industry.

Being part of the Merge Gaming Network, PokerHost has the best site traffic of any USA poker site. Beside the site traffic you can also find many great features.

PokerHost has the largest bad beat jackpot with the jackpot regularly over $200,000. Also find features like Show 1 Card, Deal it Twice and Rabbit Hunting. As you also climb their loyalty level you can exchange points for cash and earn 45% of fee’s and rake added back to your account daily.

Check out the for full details and to get started today.


Just because you live in the United States doesn’t mean you have to sit the sidelines and not play online poker. Agreed after the UIGEA and the aftermath of Black Friday when the largest USA poker sites left the US market, it has been a bit a of a struggle to play poker from the US.

Now that the dust has settled there are still many great US poker sites available, many of which still are offering huge bonuses for signing up. Take advantage of the bonuses offered by these online poker sites as it is basically free money. Many US poker sites are still jockeying for position to become the best and largest poker site and are doing everything they can win new customers over.

Players from the United States are actually at a bit of an advantage because so many great poker sites are trying so hard to gain their business. They are offering awesome bonuses and treating every customer like they are a superstar. So quit sitting the sidelines and play at the best  still available.


Just a quick reminder that the USA poker sites that operate on the Merge Poker Network will be unavailable tonight from 2am to 4am for scheduled maintenance. These sites include Aced Poker, Carbon Poker, PDC Poker and PokerHost.

This was a scheduled maintenance upgrade so no need to worry if you cannot log into your account.